Become the Rockstar SEO Master of Your Own Site

The time has come for you to search optimize your own site through user-friendly SEO analytics tools.  Having the right working SEO tool will help you gain a stronghold on how your website business performs.


It is our goal to empower you in managing your business online, particularly, providing you the tool that could generate information on the performance of your site as your online business portal.

eNow Business Success Online presents LIVE SEO ANALYTICS, the SEO analytics tool that we developed for your becoming as the rockstar SEO master of your own site.

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS is not here to substitute your existing analytics tool like Google Analytics or other free or paid search engine tool.  In fact, we have created an SEO solution that will complement your existing webmasters tools.

Using LIVE SEO ANALYTICS will enable you to generate the following primary information crucial to the successful SEO of your site:

  • Know the traffic data of your site
  • Link intelligence
  • Keyword ranking status monitoring
  • Website conversion information

Know the traffic data of your site

Website traffic usually refers to the number of visits to your site and where that visits came from.  With LIVE SEO ANALYTICS, you are informed further about the interaction of such traffic numbers with your website. 

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS offers real time analytics, providing data of on-going activities on your site.  You are able to know what pages of your site are being visited, where that visits are coming from, and what keywords are being clicked on.

Link intelligence

One basic foundation of SEO is about the quantity and quality of links that your site has.  Most website owners are not adept in checking whether or not the links their SEO Company created for their site are increasing and strong.

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS provides back link intelligence for you.  It will analysis and come with a report on the number of back links generated monthly for your site and the domain sources of these back links.

Furthermore, LIVE SEO ANALYTICS, with its page analytics capability generates important link analysis, which includes:

  • Deep link data of your site
  • Link growth evaluation of your site
  • Link growth comparative examination of your competitors
  • Suggest relevant sites where you can put up links

Keyword ranking status monitoring

Basically, promoting your site in the internet begins with a set of keywords researched and chosen for your website.  Keywords are crucial to having your site ranked and found on top of search engine results page. 

Ranking on top of search engine results page doesnt happen naturally.  You have to grow them.  Thus, knowing how these keywords selected for your site to rank for are faring is very important in coming up with targeted SEO strategy. 

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS will spare your checking and monitoring the ranking of your sites keywords. All you need to do is run the keyword ranking.  Then, it creates keyword ranking report for all the keywords you have chosen for your site.

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS is your keyword analysis tool that can provide suggestions on other keywords which your site may rank with and generate more traffic and conversions.

Website conversion information

The goal of SEO does not stop in having the site promoted and gaining the top search pages.  Website conversion is the ultimate goal and best indicator of business success online.

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS is able to classify what visits resulted into conversion.  It could also track the behaviour of your visitors, the keywords they clicked, which of the keywords generated sales lead or sale.

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS is able to come up with website stats showing the source of the traffic that generated sale.  SEO is deemed successful when organic traffic dominates your visit and website conversion emanates from them.

LIVE SEO ANALYTICS will change the way you see things in the internet in relation to your website business SEO. 

Our website intelligence databank is capable of giving you information very important in propelling your site to search engine popularity.

Try LIVE SEO ANALYTICS now and see how your way of website monitoring is enhanced greatly.

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